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Here you will find links and videos on how to use the Apps available to you and answers to many frequently asked questions.

My Customers+ App


How do I log into the Mary Kay website? 
Go to and you will need your consultant number. Leave the password blank and hit connect.


How do I set up my Website? 
Go to and log in as a consultant. You will have the option to purchase your website for $25 in the month you begin your business and the month after.


How do I order business cards? 
Go to or call 800-627-9577


How do I accept credit cards as payment? 
Log into and on the home page scroll down and on the right hand side click on the ProPay link or call 800-630-8115


How do I order my product? 
Your Director will place your first order for you. After that you can order on¬†¬†by clicking on the “Online Ordering” link at the top of the page. Or call 800-272-9333


How do I know if I’m active?¬†
Log into and check your Personal Reports and your status will be next to your name. or call 800-272-9333


When do I receive my “Star Consultant Ladder”?¬†
After the quarter ends (3/15 or 6/15 or 9/15 or 12/15) the company begins the mailing. Please call Branch customer service if you do not receive it within 8 weeks. 800-272-9333


How do I select my Star Consultant Prize? 
You call the Prize department at (800) 919-7735


How do I order my Red Jacket? 
Call 800-619-0055


I have a problem with my MK email or website?
Call MK Intouch Support at 800-272-9333


My order was missing product?
Call Branch Customer Service at 800-272-9333


My order had extra product?
Call Branch Customer Service at 800-272-9333